New Home Construction Projected to Surge in 2024

New Home Construction Predicted to Skyrocket in 2024


The home building and design industry is set to experience a significant surge in 2024 as predicted by The Plan Collection in their annual home design and building predictions and trend report. The report indicates that home renovations, sustainability, and AI-driven home technology will lead the trends in 2024. With high mortgage rates and inflated home prices, many homeowners are opting to stay put, optimize square footage, and add to their existing homes rather than purchasing new homes. For homeowners unable to find suitable existing homes, new home construction will continue to be a viable option.

Demands for Unique, Personalized Spaces

A growing trend in new home construction is a focus on creating unique, personalized spaces for homeowners. An increasing number of homeowners are willing to invest in custom design features that cater to their specific needs and preferences. As a result, builders must adapt to these demands by offering more diversified design options and flexibility.

ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units)

Accessory Dwelling Units, also known as guest houses, are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. These units allow homeowners to rent out extra space or provide additional accommodation for guests and family members, making them a versatile addition to any property. With more homeowners investing in ADU’s, builders will need to offer more design options that cater to this specific need.

Innovative Outdoor Features

Outdoor living spaces have become an increasingly popular addition to many homes. According to the report, homeowners are investing in innovative backyard pickleball courts and elevated outdoor living spaces, thereby creating more versatile spaces that cater to their specific needs.

Smart and Sustainable Home Technology

The increasing need for more sustainable and energy-efficient homes has led to more homeowners investing in smart home technology. AI-driven home technology advances offer a more sustainable solution to homeowners, allowing them to monitor their energy usage and save on utility bills.

Sustainable Building Materials

The home design industry is also shifting towards sustainability by using environmentally-friendly building materials. Future homeowners are increasingly looking for homes with features such as energy-efficient windows, LED light fixtures, and sustainable flooring materials such as bamboo. Builders will need to adjust their building practices to cater to this growing demand for sustainable homes.

The Current Housing Market

With high mortgage rates and inflated home prices, the current housing market is a challenging landscape for both buyers and sellers. Many homeowners are choosing to stay put and renovate their homes rather than selling and purchasing new homes. This trend is expected to continue in 2024, indicating a boom in the home renovation industry.

Home Renovations

Many homeowners are choosing to renovate their existing homes due to high mortgage rates and inflated home prices. The current market conditions have made it difficult for many homeowners to afford houses, making it a more sensible option to invest in home renovations instead. Builders and contractors who specialize in home renovations are set to see increased business in the coming years.

Homebuyer Sentiment

A survey by Bankrate revealed that almost 50% of respondents do not believe that the current market conditions are conducive to purchasing homes. As a result, home buyers are becoming more cautious, leading to a decrease in home sales. Despite these challenges, new home construction is expected to continue in 2024, based on the homeowners who view it as their only option.


The home design and building industry will continue to grow in 2024, driven by an increasing focus on personalized spaces, smart and sustainable home technology, and unique outdoor features. Builders and contractors who offer these capabilities stand to benefit from the surge in demand for personalized homes. Although challenges still exist in the housing market, homeowners who are unable to find suitable homes to purchase will continue to invest in home renovations or pursue new home construction.

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